How to Find the Right Tire to Survive the Winter Weather

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While every season comes with its own driving challenges, winter has some of the most unpredictable and dangerous conditions. Between finding your way through heavy snow and trying to avoid skidding on black ice, making sure you have the right tires on your vehicle can be the difference between staying safe and putting yourself at risk of an accident. The … Read More

Simple Steps for Proper Tire Storage

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Summer 2016 proved to be another scorcher, setting a new record high that won’t be beaten, at least until next year. But for now, a welcomed crispness cools the air as tree leaves change color and signal the start of autumn. With the new season comes college football, sweater weather, and pumpkin flavored treats. As we enjoy these few weeks … Read More

Know How to Handle Tire-Related Driving Emergencies?

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193996784215321-vctbgipdruzsjqjui5q3_height640 reports tire blowouts or flats cause nearly 11,000 crashes and 200 deaths every year.[1] Blowouts can be caused by a variety of reasons including under-inflation of the tires, overloading your car with too much weight, or even hitting a pothole. That’s why blowouts most often occur during the summer and early fall months when the roads are the hottest … Read More